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     Faith Powers - Author & Motivational Speaker

The Best Choice for Your Next Meeting

One of the most outspoken Accounting speakers on business and how to obtain exceptional results with minimal tweaking.

• An
Accountant who has worked through the mazes of company books - seeing the good, bad and ugly -

• The passion of an evangelist with the humor of an entertainer.

• Proven and actionable ideas they can put into use right away.

Faith Powers has the ability to go from one extreme to another without skipping a beat. Thus, proving her wide range of topic capability.

• How to handle stressful relationships.



• Over twenty years of "hands on" experience. Bring Faith Powers to your trade group, business association, national conference, networking groups, or church groups with one of the two presentations below or suggest a topic:
You Can have a Successful Business, Faith Powers is an Accountant with over thirty years of accounting experience, her ability with ‘forensic’ detail has assisted attorney’s to win their cases, plus years of management experience including Human Resources, Operations, and Instructor.
Every business can learn concepts from the basic principal of ‘detail’. Learn how integrating great ‘detail’ practices can improve your bottom line.

• Faith's book "What is the Pulse of Your Company? 7 Steps to Revive It!" is a fresh inside look into the world of business and accounting. She has spent decades in the mazes of company books.
• Whether a sole proprietor or part of a corporation, she reveals how to spot the red flags that signal fiscal disaster. To Powers, running a successful business is a numbers game.

• Faith Powers experience and refreshing outlook will enhance and enlighten your audience.

Relationships can be ‘Stress’ free, Faith Powers series of humor books - proves that Accountants do have a sense of humor.

• Faith Powers unique style of humor will sweep the nation in a way that has never been done before with this series and the other series to come.

• Faith Powers has written her book series during her domestic violent marriage, and she has a ‘7 Step Exit Plan’.

• Relationships in general - how to handle difficult ones - eliminate the stress.

How to make the best of a bad situation with in-laws, neighbors, co-workers. • When dating - what 'red flags' to look out for.

• Marriage - looking for a spouse? Why people tend to be attracted to 'bad' boys or 'bad' girls - learn how to steer clear of them -

• It is the author’s intent to let others see how ‘not’ to let their past rob them of their future.

• It is the story behind the story that makes her books a message of HOPE!

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 "Call to Arms"
Author Faith Powers

"You have definitely labored long and hard at putting your years of Bible notes...into this book. Truly they will be a blessing to those who read them." Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe Jack Van Impe Ministries International

"...a wonderful book with applicable messages of wisdom rooted in God's Word. Is is my wish that all who read Call to Arms may be encouraged by your compilation of notes and will also be reminded to pray for this great nation. Best wishes with your work..." Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Member of Congress House of Representatives

You need to learn how to fight to win.

365 Days of Inspirational notes


Also includes: Prayer for America, The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence

Faith Powers - author of
"171 Reasons Why You Should Never Live
Next Door to Your

"A very funny book"
- Phyllis Diller -

“…a riotously funny picture of what it could be like living next door to in-laws.”
– Diane Peterson, Chicago and Orlando Woman’s Newspaper -

"Prima donna

Hema donna"

Who are they?

Powers has done it again with her
unique style of humor

Fact #1
"When whining becomes a company policy."


 This course is for any business that has online transactions.
Online banking-purchasing-sales

"Bookkeeping Core"
of what is needed for Internet Marketers
5 Lessons
You will learn how to capture your cyber-space transactions and
record them into your books.
You will learn our short cuts.
The goal of this course is to help you achieve freedom from your

bookkeeping burdens.

Author: Faith Powers

 "I.R.S. Declares Internet Marketers
Are ILLEGAL IF They Are Not Keeping Records of All Their Transactions"

Author:  Faith Powers  

However you are selling online - This book is a must read  -   

"How to Make Bookkeeping EASY"
Author:  Faith Powers

No more excuses - you can have good accounting records for your business


Faith Powers - author of
"What is the Pulse of Your Company?
7 Steps to Revive It!"

“Many thanks for your words of wisdom…hopefully current and future business owners paid close attention” Elliott Irving/New Director 
- WFLO Radio -










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